AD SSO and Password Synchronization

  • 1 December 2022
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We have Microsoft Onsite Active Directory (v2) IIQ App installed, however when our staff change their password, they lose access to IIQ.  We had our sync setup to run dialy, but since we have over 2000 users, not sure what best practice or suggestions are for a sync schedule.  I was looking at running every 30 minutes, but was told we should not.  What is everyone else doing, or are you just telling them, that after a password change, you can not use IIQ for until the next day?

3 replies

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@PTranchida 4235870 rochester Thank you for being patient with my reply. 

I have been looking for a work around for you. Currently, your best option would be to add on the app, Password Assistant. This is a premium app but it would do what you are wanting. 

We do not suggest running the sync that often, but another work around could possibly be waiting until the EOD for staff to change passwords so they will already be synced by the time they return to work the following day. 

I hope this helps 😄

Hello, thank you but this is not the answer we I wanted to hear.  Was under the impression that IIQ had SSO but it is really not SSO, but cached credentials.

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@PTranchida 4235870 rochester I see how that would be frustrating for you. 

I will keep my ear out for other districts’ best practices with AD as the SSO.