Analytics - closed/opened tickets in a date range conflicts

  • 28 November 2022
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When using the date range, I noticed the tickets reported as opened and closed change depending on if you select “Created Date” in the Date Ranges versus “Activity Date”.  I would think that as long as the dates remain the same, the amount of tickets opened would not differ.  


Additionally, the ‘closed’ tickets reported on those options appear to differ/conflict as well. If I run a separate report asking for Closed Date, I then get an entirely new number. How do I asses what are the actual closed tickets in a set date range if “Created Date", “Activity Date" and “Closed Date” options all report different numbers?


Even when I look at Created Date as the option, and then add SLA to the filter, my reported tickets “opened” for the range changes slightly by about 16 tickets. 


What's the best way to see the number of tickets opened in a set date range, the total number of tickets closed in a date range and what number of those tickets meet an SLA?


Thank you


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4 replies

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I figured it out!  How can I remove or edit the original post? 

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@LBoyd No need to remove the original post. However, I would love if you would comment how you solved your own question! This way if others have this same question, the answer is already attached 😄

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I was getting different numbers because of the various SLA’s we had.  Our project based tickets were opened as standard SLA tickets. They were then changed into project based tickets.  


Activity range and created date range also fluctuates because created looks at the tickets created in that specific time frame where as activity range may pick up extra tickets that might have been closed during that time frame but were opened prior to the dates selected in activity range. If you asked for closed tickets in an activity range, it could be potentially more than closed tickets that were also created during that timeframe.


Which filter did you find best fitting for your reports?