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  • 21 April 2022
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How can I best simulate an approval process flow with ticketing?  For instance, a user submits a ticket requesting a widget.  That ticket should route to her supervisor for approval and then to IT for procurement.


Any ideas?


Best answer by Jessica Adkins 1 November 2022, 21:00

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5 replies

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Happy Friday @therealt

We can set up action based workflows to assign tickets to different agents utilizing resolution actions + “when updated” rules. For example:
  1. The first rule would assign the initial “request for a widget” ticket to the requestors supervisor as the first agent
  2. Then set up two custom resolution actions that would display for those issue types (“approved” or “denied”)
  3. The assigned agent would start the ticket and then log the resolution action (either “approved” or denied”)
  4. Next, create a “when updated” rule using the following filters:
    • When “field is updated = resolution actions”
    • Resolution action = "approved"
    • Once the first agent/approver has added the resolution action (whether it is approved or denied), the rule can trigger the next action (either close/cancel ticket if not approved OR assign to IT procurement team).

Would this work? 


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Can I craft this process flow to only fire when a specific ticket type is used such as “Purchasing Ticket”.  Thank you for the response.  It is greatly appreciated.

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We have a rule just like the example above and it works great. Yes you should be able to assign the rule to a certain ticket request type, so you will only see/activate it then.

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Happy Monday @therealt !

Yes, you can limit this workflow by adding an additional filter (“issue category” or “issue”) and then isolating the workflow to whatever issue you selected. Definitely set it up and do a few test runs to ensure this is working the way you have envisioned. 

If it doesn’t fire, let me know and we can go from there.

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Great news, @therealt! We have a new Enhanced Approval Workflow premium app that allows users without admin permission to be set as approvers. Check it out here: