Archiving and Downloading Tickets

  • 2 February 2023
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How do I archive all of the yearly ticket and download them for documentation purpose?
(similar to how you’re able to archive and download gmail/outlook emails)

2 replies

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I am not sure about the archiving process as I would think everything just stays in the system unless you delete them out which would not allow you to look at past issues for advice on current issues.. If you are wanting to export yearly tickets for documentation purposes I believe you can go into all tickets and create a filter view for the dates you want. If you want to see by status you can add that as a filter view as well. Once you have all your filters in place click the 3 lines under your name and click export. Hope this helps!


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@VWij Did @cris.ward help with what you are looking for?


Currently, you can create a view as stated above for downloading tickets that occur during a specific time period. As for archiving tickets, I see how that could be beneficial, however it is not currently something our system can achieve. You could check out our Idea Exchange to submit your idea: