Assign Agent to Specific Ticket Types

  • 7 February 2024
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I would like to assign all tickets for ‘Software/Online Systems’ to one particular agent. And, conversely, I don’t want that agent to be assigned to any other ticket types. Is that possible?


Best answer by Kathryn Carter 9 February 2024, 18:21

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3 replies

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@SOuellette 663c2b3 westwood Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 This is achievable via rules. 

I am going to suggest first creating teams! We will use the teams for the assignment of tickets within the rules. 

First, you will need the software agent on one team. Next, you will head to rules under the Ticket Created Trigger.

Once there, add your issue type/category as the filter (the software ones). Finally, the action will be “assign to team > software team” (or whatever you name it).

This will always set all the software tickets to him. In order to prevent the other issues going to the others, you will create the other team (technology or such) and add all the other issue types/categories to them. 

The use of teams will allow more flexibility in the future but just adjusting the teams versus adjusting all the rules. 

I hope this helps 😄

Thank you! I had to tinker with it a bit but got it work work successfully. Much appreciated.

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@SOuellette 663c2b3 westwood Very glad to hear it! Rules can be a bit tricky. 😄