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  • 24 April 2023
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Is there a way to, within a ticket an agent is working, assign a new or loaner device and have that record as an action on that ticket?

Scenario, a teacher walks in with a broken screen. The agent creates the ticket for them, takes the ticket, confirms the issue, and proceeds to assign them a loaner device.

I was hoping they could, within the ticket itself, assign that loaner. Then the ticket could show that in the timeline. Maybe it would even add a resolution action somehow.


If this isn’t the workflow then what should the agent be doing in this scenario?


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@MHenry 302bbf owensboro 
I think the best way to handle this inside of tickets would be to utilize Spare Pools.

Spare Pool Documentation:

Managing Spare Pool Guide - This includes the policies needed in order to issue spares inside of tickets. 

Working with Spare Pool Assets on Tickets Guide

Let me know if you want to set up a time to discuss further. 

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Spares make sense if we have an actual group of computers considered to be spares. For us, any device may be a spare computer or it could be assigned as their permanent. Is there a way to allow any device to act as a spare on a whim?

Also, for students, we don’t issue a spare at all. Instead, if their device is unusable we immediately issue them a new device. I’d want to do that within the ticket somehow and close that ticket but still have a ticket for repairing their original assignment.

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I think I’ve made some progress.

It looks like you can create a district-wide spare pool and put all of the devices in that pool. Correct me if I’m wrong but this allows the devices to be assigned to someone as a permanent assignment or it can be used as a spare device for a staff member with a device issue.

But, for students… I don’t know a good workflow. I want to:

  • Assign a student a new device
  • Unassign the old device but still have record of who was assigned in a ticket
  • Use a ticket to repair the device which will be closed once the device is fixed and placed in the inventory crates

I appreciate your help!

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@MHenry 302bbf owensboro Looking forward to hearing how your meeting goes with @EStapf_iiQ where she will be able to help get this set up on the right track. 

In the meantime, there are various articles written by iiQ employees and community members. Here is a great one by @NBurke_iiQ