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  • 29 March 2023
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I am wondering if there is a way to have tickets at certain locations assigned automatically to agents. In our district (as well as many others) specific agents handle the tickets for specific locations. Instead of me having to assign those tickets based on location to the same agents everyday I would love to have the ability to have those locations send the tickets to them automatically and have them pass off the ticket if it is not relevant to them.


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@CCornwall 8637ba3 ohsd 

In ticket rules you can setup a rule and use the “Assign to agent (by location)” action. that should allow you to do this.



I do not have access to the ticket rules that I am aware of. So on the same thought, could you tag the agents instead of assigning it to them so that the tickets are still easily viewable by all but that the specific people see the tickets that are created for their location?

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@CCornwall 8637ba3 ohsd Thank you for submitting your question. In order to automate the assignment, you will need to set it up via rules as @benthicmp screenshot above. Could you ask your iiQ admin to set it up for you?

Currently, you cannot tag techs on a ticket; however, here is an idea you can upvote and comment on to see it make it across the finish line. 

@benthicmp Thank you for jumping in and sharing your knowledge. A pleasure, as always 😄

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I’d like to add my own question to this thread.

I understand creating a rule that assigns tickets to agents/teams based on the submitter’s location. However, not all tickets for a location may be equal.

Just because a submitter makes a request pertaining to a particular location doesn’t mean that ALL that location’s tickets should go to the same agent/team.

For example, a technician assigned to a particular location may be the go-to person for common IT issues at that location; however, they don’t take care of network equipment or servers stored in that location. As a result, we wouldn’t want to set a rule for ALL tickets to be assigned to the tech—only those tickets that pertain to the issues specific to that agent’s skillset.

How can we enable tickets to be assigned to a specific agent/team for a particular location, but not for certain issue categories?

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How can we enable tickets to be assigned to a specific agent/team for a particular location, but not for certain issue categories?

Sounds like in your rule that assigns tickets by locations you would want to add a filter for the issue types you don't want to be part of it, and check the box to exclude those types on the screen where you pick the issues. 

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@zige Here is an example of excluding specific information, such as the issues you want to exclude.

@bclark Thank you for sharing your insight, as always!