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Ever since the new update, when attempting to search for an agent in the Assigned Agent part of the ticket, everyone in the system, even those that are not agents are showing in the search. Is there a way to fix this for only agents to show?


Best answer by NBurke_iiQ 22 May 2024, 16:50

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@lpreedom hi there!  If you search for the agents first name, let’s say Mike and then type the word agent surrounded by quotes, you can find what you are looking for.  Using quotes around the second word narrows down your search.  So for example


Mike “Agent”


Or if you want to search for a ticket where Mike Johnson submitted a ticket and referenced gymnasium you could search Mike Johnson “gymnasium”

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It never use to be this way though. You use to be able to start a search for an agent name and only agents would show. Why the change? Did anyone actually ask for this update?

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@lpreedom This was a necessary change for our new Enhanced Permissions, as users, such as principals, do not need to be in the agent role to work tickets. To leave feedback for our Product team, please add it to this idea thread: