Assigning Ticket to an Agent

  • 22 January 2024
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This issue happened starting today. Originally, when assigning a ticket to an agent, when you type a few letters of an agent’s the search will prioritize Staff/faculty. But as of today, it is prioritizing students in the search, thus causing us to need to type in the full name of the agent.


What is causing the search engine to list students first rather than staff/faculty, when assigning tickets?


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7 replies

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This is also happening to us and we don’t see any site options to fix this. This is causing issues with ticket assignment typos with our agents.

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I noticed it as well. They must have changed something. But to alleviate the problem for now, you can select Filter by Role and change it to Agents. It’s definitely easier than typing the agents names.

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We started seeing the issue as well. There is another topic about this you may want to follow. See here:


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Sorry for any difficulties this issue may have caused. Our engineering team deployed a fix last night and the issue should be resolved. Thank you!

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Thank you NStevens_IIQ we do see the change and has helped a lot.

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Is there a way that if a ticket is assigned to a team for it to only display those agents that belong to that particular team? We utilize both the ticketing and facilities product and it would be great to not have all agents for both products to appear inside of the ticketing product when assigning a ticket to an agent. Thanks!

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@JPisani 803812b lcalions Here is an idea similar to your request: