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  • 30 March 2023
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Scenario: You receive 2 separate tickets on the same problem, but  from 2 different aspects of the problem. So they are related, but not identical. 

Question: Is there a way to link these 2 tickets together for troubleshooting and resolution?


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4 replies

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@CWright 89011a1 sau29 I know you are not asking about resolving tickets but there is a nice way to resolve a ticket and mark it as duplicate and reference the other ticket number.

Linking tickets doesn’t seem like it is currently supported but I think there is an idea that you can vote on here:



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@benthicmp That was the idea I was going to add here. Thanks for doing that!

@CWright 89011a1 sau29 Please upvote and comment your use case for that idea. 😄

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@CWright 89011a1 sau29 This may be a little helpful.  We use Subtasks to create a linked ticket. After you create the subtask, you can assign a ticket to it.


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@MBesnier Another great work around! Thanks for sharing!!