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Hello there - I’m wondering if the function exists to make an existing, unrelated ticket into a sub-ticket on an existing parent ticket? Similar to how you can move these relationships around in the Jira software. If this isn’t possible, can we request this be added as a new feature? Thank you!


Best answer by Kathryn Carter 22 May 2024, 17:45

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I don’t think there’s a feature for this, but I would love to see it. One example: Sometimes when there’s a system outage or something of the sort, our helpdesk will receive a lot of calls about it despite us putting out a communication about the outage. It’d be nice to link tickets to a parent ticket, and have them automatically resolve once the parent ticket is resolved.


If you do create the idea post for it, I’ll definitely upvote it 😁

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@HWeddle 133a03 msad75 Thank you for your question. 

As @jclark16 mentioned, this would be an enhancement request that you can submit here:


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Here is an idea to upvote and comment on this idea: