Automatic Email Sent to Submitter When Ticket is Created

  • 8 November 2022
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We’re looking into having the system automatically send an email to the submitter when they create a ticket. This would serve as a confirmation that their ticket was submitted successfully and could include some additional generic info for follow up. I see that there is an option to enable a notification to the owner when a ticket is created but that seems to only send it to the owner if they weren’t the one who created the email (it was submitted on their behalf). 

Is there a way to send an automatic acknowledgement email when a ticket is created?

3 replies

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@kjohnson Thank you for submitting your question. 

In Site Options, under notifications, you can control email and web notifications when a ticket is created. Check out the screenshot below:

I hope this helps 😄


I’m aware of that setting and have it enabled but I don’t see a auto-email going to the owner after they create a ticket for themselves. The only time the email seems to be sent is if someone else creates a ticket on your behalf (you are the owner but didn’t submit it).

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@kjohnson You could try to turn on “Allow notifications from my actions”.