Automatically assign fee for tickets with specific categories

  • 14 February 2023
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We are looking to have fees automatically assigned to users when a ticket is put in for certain things such as “Broken Screen iPad Screen” would automatically assign the iPad screen replacement fee to the ticket, asset and user. I didn’t see the fee tracker as an option in the rules engine, so I’m not sure how we go about doing this.


Best answer by jclark 16 February 2023, 19:25

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2 replies

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@mskoda I actually created an idea for this, I’d love to use rules to add fees so we don’t have to manually add them constantly.


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@mskoda Thank you for submitting your question. There is not any way to attach fees via rules currently. Please upvote the idea @jclark16 posted above to see this enhancement. 

Thank you @jclark16 for jumping in!! 😄