Blocking off school holidays in Events so a room can't be booked

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Is there a way to add block off days in “Events” to prevent an organization from booking a day.

For example we have rooms available for rent M-Fr 2:30-10, however July 4th we are officially closed and no one can rent any room that day.   Is there a way to block off a physical the day from being rented?


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@jhandler Thank you for submitting your question. 

The current workaround would be to integrate with a Google Calendar, block off that day on your Google calendar, and have it write back into iiQ to show that it cannot be booked. 

Two other options:

  1. add an Information custom field saying, “We’ll be closed on these dates”
  2. Admins deny requests for holidays

Could you also add this idea to our Idea Exchange here:

I know MANY districts would also use this! 😃

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