Bulk edit ticket location

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Is there not a way to bulk edit ticket locations?


Have a service account that generated tickets. Have adjusted rule to set location going forward but want the current active tickets (~40-50) to be fixed also.

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It’s not optimal but you could have a scheduled rule that runs once that sets the location properly. The other way I see is to create a shortcut to set the location and you can bulk run a shortcut on all of the selected tickets.

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Had thought of the rule but seemed like more work then just going through them individually.


Will have to look at actions more for some other tasks.

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@CLee 1176405 shakopee Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

I looked into this, and the best way would be the bulk shortcut so you can work those tickets in bulk to change the location and have the rule set going forward. Let us know if there are any additional questions.