Bulk Operations or Ticket Shortcut to send for repair through AlwaysLearning

  • 20 October 2023
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We use Lexicon Tech Solutions with AlwaysLearning to send Chromebooks for repairs in iiQ.  To create the order in iiQ we must first start the ticket then select “send for repair” then go through the prompt.  We have to do this on each individual ticket and we are usually sending hundreds of Chromebooks for repair at one time.  Is there a way to create a ticket shortcut for this process or to scan multiple devices and send for repair through a bulk operation?.

3 replies

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@Meganr Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 Here are the steps to make that happen:

  1. Create that resolution action for “send for repair” 
  2. Create a shortcut with the created resolution action
  3. Create a view of the devices to be shipped off
  4. Select all
  5. Under the more section, click “Run Shortcut”
  6. Select the shortcut you created; those assets will add “send for repair” to those tickets. 

Will this work? Are there any guides you need to set anything up? 


We are using a third party API in iiQ with our repair facility.  We are required to start the ticket then select send for repair and complete the prompt which creates an order number for Lexicon Tech Solutions.  Below are the steps we must complete in order to do this:


After starting the ticket we must select the send for repair button.


Below are the prompts to go through after selecting send for repair which you can see in the last image creates an order number.


I do not know how to create resolution actions.  Would a resolution action work in this scenario? 

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@Meganr thank you for including those screenshots. I did not realize there was a specific button for the AlwaysLearning integration. This would be an enhancement request to add that bulk action. 

You can submit that idea here: