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  • 13 June 2023
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Is there a way to bulk Unassign tickets from a specific agent? Not a team, just from one agent.


Best answer by bclark 13 June 2023, 21:51

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5 replies

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You can make a custom view with the filter Agent=The person and from there do a bulk action by checking all the boxes on the left of the view. You can click the one at the top to select all on that page. Then click “assign” at the top and pick the agent you want to move them too.




Right now I just want them assigned to a team, not a person. So I need to not have to choose another agent. I was able to bulk assign them to the team, but not remove them from the current agent without assigning to someone else.

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This is a little convoluted but the easiest way that I know to do that would be to create a shortcut. You have to go into one of the tickets to do that and then you could apply that shortcut to all of them from the bulk view.



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@Amy.York At this time, a short cut is going to be the only way to bulk unassign tickets. 

However, this would be a great idea to add to our Idea Exchange here:


Thanks @bclark for adding your workaround here! 

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@Amy.York  you are now able to unassign the team with bulk actions.


Here is the knowledge base guide: