Can followers see comments that are not visible to requestor?

  • 18 October 2022
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We’ve started to have some confusion on what comments are visible to who in IIQ. We tend to add several followers to many tickets, including other agents, and external email addresses(to communicate to parents). I’m not 100% certain who can see comments when the comment is set to “Not visible to requestor”. 

Do all Followers see it? Is it truly just the requestor that doesn’t see it?

Is it just Agents that are followers that can see comments set like this?

Does anyone have any ideas? 





Best answer by davecarty 19 October 2022, 02:28

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I believe only other agents are able to see “private” comments.

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@Jim.Sch is correct.

One this to note, if you reply to the comment address by email, the comment is make public.

Awesome! Thanks for clarifying! I was thinking that, but wanted to make sure! 

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@dbindschusz Thank you for submitting your question into our community! 

@Jim.Sch and @davecarty Shout out to y’all! Great job answering quickly and correctly. We love seeing our community members help each other!