Can I create my own parent category for models?

  • 3 November 2022
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I’d like to create my own parent categories that can be selected when creating a ticket.

Do they have to be nested under an IIQ-provided category to be visible? (e.g. Computers, servers, etc.)

Or can I create my own and have it placed under Other or someplace else?



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@zige, you can create categories under Model Categories.


For example I created a Model Category called Assistive Technology and then created additional Model categories with Assistive Technology as the parent.



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@zige Thank you for submitting your question! 

@davecarty is correct. Head to Model Categories under Admin and you can create your own Model Category. Here is a screenshot.

You can place models into that Model Category you have created! 

Shout out to you, @davecarty for jumping in! We appreciate your insight and sharing your knowledge within our community. 


Thanks — but how can that parent category appear in the ticket creation wizard?

Using “assistive technology” as an example, how would I get that to appear under one of the “big buttons” on the ticket creation wizard?

For instance, say that I want “assistive technology” to be an option under the big “Devices/Hardware” button. How would I get it to show up there?

So the path is New Ticket > Devices/Hardware > Assistive Technology?

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@zige I don’t think I fully understood your earlier request. Thank you for clarification. 

That is called a “Ticket Type”. For when you are submitting tickets, you want to look under “Issues” tab under Administration. You cannot adjust the main buttons, but you can adjust the models and what is available each umbrella.

 I hope this is closer to what you are looking for 😄


@Kathryn Carter

I appreciate your help, but maybe I’m misunderstanding or miscommunicating.

Basically, here’s what I want:



My new custom category might be called “Mice and Keyboards.” This would appear in the ticket creation wizard when selecting the big “Devices/Hardware” button. I am trying to figure out how to make this category appear there.

Does that make sense?

Thanks again.

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@zige I did some deep diving into the back end of this. So the custom Model category needs to go under a global category provided by incident IQ. You can filter through the global and custom categories. 

Once under a global category, your custom models can be added! Here is a guide to help you manage them once created. 

I hope this gives you the information you were looking for! 


Thanks, this answers my question.

It was a little confusing because I can create parent categories, but they won’t be visible in the ticket creation wizard unless associated with a global category provided by Incident IQ, like you described. The knowledge base article didn’t specify that, which is where the confusion came in.

Thanks for looking into this for me.

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@zige It is on my to do list to update that documentation. 😄

Thanks and I am glad we got to the bottom of it!