Can I print a ticket directly from the ticket, without exporting to PDF?

  • 22 March 2022
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Is there a way that I am missing to just print tickets directly? I see where you can save the tickets as PDFs and that view is great for the ticket details but I cant see a way to just hit a button and have it print like that. It seems like you have to save it as a PDF, open the PDF, and then print the PDF from there. I don’t see a way to print a clean ticket view right from IncidentIQ. We have multiple processes that involve printing tickets and this would be very cumbersome and time consuming over the course of many months/years. It seems there should be a PRINT option under more that would create the PDF “view” and take you right to a PRINT screen of that view, without you having to locate a created PDF on your computer in another window and then opening and printing it from an entirely separate program. For one ticket, this isn’t a huge deal, but if your daily process involves printing many tickets, this is very inconvenient.




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4 replies

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Hello, @RKurczynski! Currently, tickets must be printed by generating a PDF first. This sounds like a great idea and could be a valuable enhancement for the iiQ platform.

Since this is a feature that is not yet developed, please visit the iiQ Idea Exchange and post your idea. Once you have added your idea, the community team will review and open it for further discussion and voting amongst fellow community members. 

I can see how this enhancement could improve your specific daily processes as well as other users' workflows. We appreciate your recommendation!

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Here is the idea for this post: 



I agree, there should be a PRINT option if you do not want a pdf.  

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@KGiese 9201a9d rosevillepride - There is a new option to bulk print tickets now.