Can you create a custom Ticket Type?

  • 5 February 2024
  • 4 replies

Is there a way to create a custom ticket type in IncidentIQ?  For example where you go to add a new ticket you see “Devices/hardware, Software/Online Systems, Network/Wi-Fi, Provisioning, etc.).  

And maybe I am calling it the incorrect thing.

4 replies

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Hello @DAdmin 3801729 lexington1! IIQ comes with standard names for ticketing, however, you can change or adjust the terminology to better meet your districts needs using the Ticket Wizard within the Admin>Custom Names tab. Here is the KB article on Managing Custom Names | Community (

Erica, Thank you, are we limited to those 6 or 7 renames or can additional ones be created?



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@DAdmin 3801729 lexington1, this feature can be used to update any of the following categories: Ticket Category, Model, Model Category, Issue Category, Issue Type, and Issue. I don’t believe additional types can be created from those 6. A few examples from our site that we adjusted: 

Ticket Category: Provisioning = “Accounts and Access,” Other Requests = “Internal.” 

Issue Category: Display = “Screen,” Special Ed = “Inclusive Ed.” 

Amongst others...Hope this helps!

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@DAdmin 3801729 lexington1 Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 Thank you @Erica for jumping in so efficiently!

You are currently limited to those categories but you can rename them! Here is an idea to upvote about adding the ability to customize those categories further: