Can you search for tickets by a follower?


Is there a way to create a custom search with a filter allowing you to search for tickets with a specific follower?

I work for a large school district and we have staff members with varying levels of computer expertise who are creating tickets for students. We regularly receive tickets where the only information concerning who the ticket is for, is by adding the student as a follower. These tickets are falling through the cracks when we look up the student and don’t see the ticket they created.

I understand the need for end-user education on ticket creating, which we have been working on, however, we do see a lot of situations where substitute staff assume the ticket creation role. 

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how others address issues like this!


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@sanderberger Thank you for submitting your question. Please check out this idea to upvote on this request - 

You can add the requested for as a column when filtering! 


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@sanderberger is one of the Agents at our district and he just told me what he was looking for more. Boils down to this, is there a way to look at a student and tell which tickets that student is already a follower on?

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@bclark and @sanderberger If you look at the user profile, you can see the tickets the user is following. However, there is no way to filter by the follower.