Change Issue not allowing all subjects to appear

  • 11 October 2023
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Some tickets are not allowing us to change the subject. If I go into the More>change issue the full set of subjects will not appear. It will only give me subjects related to what the original subject is. Also there are times when the change subject does not work at all. 


Best answer by Hannah Bailey 13 October 2023, 18:56

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2 replies

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If you knwo what you want to change it to you can always change the subject on more>change subject and do it that way. 

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If there is an asset or software associated to the ticket and you use the More> Change Issue it will only show the issues for that specific asset or software. You would have to “unlink” the asset or software from that ticket to get all of the other issues categories and issue types. 


But the Change Subject should work for all tickets. If it is not please submit a support ticket.