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  • 5 September 2023
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I’d like to create a rule that occurs on the trigger “when updated” that triggers a status change.


What I’d like is that whenever a requestor updates a ticket, it changes the status to a custom status. In our case, “waiting on tech”. 


I see a way to change it based on a comment change, but I’d like that to be specific to requestor change and not if an agent adds something.

3 replies

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@JRerick Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

I would suggest adding the filter based on the role since you only want the requestor to update the specific status. The trouble here would be if your requestor is an Admin or Agent. 

I would suggest adding this comment to this idea: 

I hope this helps some! 😄

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@Kathryn Carter Thanks for the idea. I actually did this and unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Here was the response from support:

Good Afternoon Jeff, I hope all is well and thank you for the feedback and example ticket. After review, this is the functionality limitation that was previously described and I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. I would recommend submitting this feature to our Idea Exchange for being able to adjust the default 'Waiting for Requestor' logic associated on tickets for non-agent view. With enough support, the Product team would review this functionality to potentially add in a future enhancement. You can access Idea Exchange from the 'Help' panel of the browser or directly through our Community site. I'll go ahead and close this ticket out and if you have any additional questions, concerns, or require further assistance please feel free to reach back out and enjoy the rest of your day! Regards, Justin


I think the filter here isn’t the appropriate place. Rather, it needs to be an action step in rules with a trigger of “ticket updated”.

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@JRerick No problem! 😄 Thank you for sharing support’s message as well.