Confirm Issue Button Doesn't Respond

  • 1 September 2023
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Sometimes clicking Confirm Issue button doesn’t respond correctly. Typically, clicking Confirm Issue causes the Confirm issue box to be checked and crossed out but sometimes, more often than I’d like, it will ignore the click of the button. Refreshing the page will cause the box to reappear as checked and crossed off 100% of the time. I’ve tried different browsers and computers with the same results. Recently I decided to just move on with the rest of the ticket and eventually refresh the page towards the end and this works also.

7 replies

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@JSpencer 93091e2 wps60 Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

Please submit a ticket to support for this issue. Thank you. 😄


I have the same exact issue. Has there been any resolution or fixes you have found?


Nikki Gardner

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@NGardner 540af6b jths Thank you for commenting on this thread. Please submit a support ticket for this issue. 😄

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This happens sometimes when I go quick on making a ticket then conferming it.  I usually just have ot refresh the page and it gets it figured out. 

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We see this all the time as well. It’s impossible to get a screen recording as proof because it’s so random. But like @BHenker said, a refresh usually does the trick.


We have been seeing this also, and the interesting part to me is that I can’t resolve the ticket until I refresh, it says I haven’t completed the required steps. Once I refresh, then it shows checked and I can hit resolve and move on.

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This is interesting. I have been trying to replicate it but unable to. 

If you all can submit a support ticket our team can take a further look.