Copy full email original message into ticket description/comments?

  • 14 March 2024
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In our environment, there are many times we’ll have users that will email back and forth about an issue, realize it’s an IT issue, and then copy the helpdesk email address into their reply. This leaves us with tickets where ticket name might be helpful if the original email subject is related, but most of the descriptions are along the lines of, “I’ve copied IT so they can assist.” This leaves our support folks to go digging through the “Email” tab to try and find the original question. Is there a way we can get around this and just copy the full original email chain into the description or comments when the ticket is created from email?


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3 replies

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@CGravitt 380201d ecasd Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

This is an interesting workflow. Why are people not submitting a ticket when they realize it is an IT problem? Just trying to get clarification on the workflow. 

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@Kathryn Carter A specific issue could include a teacher communicating with someone from HR/Payroll because they’re having problems with their timecard. However, the HR representative might realize that the problem is that they are unable to login and therefore an IT problem revolving around their credentials, permissions, etc... So, to create a ticket for this issue, the HR representative will reply to the teacher they were talking to and CC or include the helpdesk email address in their reply. This, in turn, creates the ticket for this issue when they realize it’s an IT issue. This saves them time as they then don’t need to log into IIQ or go through the “New Ticket” process in a browser.

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@CGravitt 380201d ecasd 
Gotcha, thanks for elaborating on this! There is not a way to do that automatically, but would be a great enhancement request you can submit here: