Creating a Shortcut to Add Comment in ticket as Text, not an Attachment

  • 25 January 2023
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I am trying to create a shortcut for our Close Ticket/No Contact tickets as it will save time. 

I am trying to create the shortcut with the steps below:

Shortcut -> New Shortcut -> Name the Shortcut -> Ticket, Add Comment


I am looking to update the ticket with a comment in the ticket, though when I try this way, it is only letting me attach a document, not update the ticket with text.

Is this the only way Add Comments currently work? We do have some shortcuts that update as a ticket comment/text though I do not see any properties to mimic off of those shortcuts. Anyone have any suggestions?

Bonus points for updating the ticket with text and closing the ticket at the same time.

2 replies


As you can see there is no Comment Input Box for the text….

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@jdeangelis Thank you for submitting your question. I have been doing some research and it looks like this is the intended functionality. 

To add text, would be a great idea to add to our Idea Exchange.

I am tagging some of our top users this week to add their work arounds and expertise into this thread. 

@nburke @SMillsTVSD @bbeaudette @lpreedom 

Do y’all have any work around suggestions?