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How do you set a ticket to meet the “criteria” for an established spare pool , as mentioned in the guide titled “working with spare pool assets on tickets?” 


We want “issue a spare” feature to be available for tickets with issues like missing devices or daily loaner and cannot figure out how to meet the criteria for spare asset to show up!

Thank you in advance!



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@ekang When you create a Sparepool, you can add filters for models, issue categories, roles, etc. 

Depending upon the filters and locations you add to the sparepool, the different options will appear on the tickets. I hope this helps 😄


We have been working with Spare Pools but lately they seem to disappear and be glitchy. I did notice the statement “meets criteria for an established spare pool” and we have not associated any ticket types with spare pools. Is this a new feature? Currently when we make a ticket the Spare Pool is not automatically showing up!


Thanks for any help!

Katie Ramsey

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Hello @IRAMSEY 303d366 nacs

If you have not already done this, you will need to create a Spare Group first. When designing your Spare Group, you will need to identify the tickets you want your Spare Group’s spares to appear on. This is done by adding filters using the Add Filter button on the right side of the page. You can add filters for models, model categories, issue categories, locations, roles, etc. 

Once you have created the Spare Group, then add the Spare Pool. Please note that, regardless of whether you would like to add additional filters, you must set up at least one pool to use the spare feature in tickets. 

Now, we need to add spare devices to the Spare Pool. The easiest and fastest way is to apply filters to an asset view. You can bulk update the devices from the filtered view by selecting one or more devices. And click on Assign/Unassign Spare Pool. 

I hope this helps when having the Spare Pool appear on tickets. 😀