Custom fields in tickets and selectors

  • 6 December 2023
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I am trying to make a custom ticket based on an Issue Category. I have what I want for the most part but I need some clarification. I will attach a screenshot below

  1. Within the ticket can I remove the Is this ticket urgent, for a specific type. 
  2. Can we rename the Describe your issue, or would we need to make a new description box?
  3. Can I add boxes with an e-signature can be placed? Kinda of like a approval?
  4. Where I have the drop downs, is there a way to make them radio buttons instead of drop downs?
  5. wishful thought, Can I make a new selection called.. let’s say, equipment or software, then based on which is selected, have set of custom fields populate just for he specific selection of equipment?


4 replies

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1 and 3.  I believe that you can change those requirements under admin and required tabs.  That will let you have whoever not to have to have the urgent tab be selected and allows you to have someone put there name down for help. 


  1. that has to be there as that is a defult

4 and 5.  Those im not sure. 

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@DE SysAdmin Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

  1. For this one, you must remove it from all tickets and add it to those you want to stay. You can add it via the custom fields tab.
  2. You would need to create a new field, and you cannot hide the “describe your issue.” 
  3. YES, You will need to create a custom field with the field type “iiQ User”
  4. I am unsure what radio buttons are, but you can adjust the field type within Custom fields. 
  5. You can already do this. Add the condition of the models and the custom fields you want. 


Here is the custom field guide to help get you started:

Let me know if there was anything else I can do for you 😄

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When I look in the Custom Field tab it doesn’t appear that the question “Is this ticket urgent?” is any option to disable as field for all tickets (we also have Room as a a field on all of our tickets). Is there some back end setting that needs to be enabled for us to have more control over what fields show up for what kind of ticket/issue type?

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@PBauchan 650c0fd mvsd You will find that setting under site options. 😄

For urgent tickets, it will be all or nothing.