Default Landing page for Facilities agents?

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We recently rolled out the Facilities module.  Is there a way to set a default landing page for Facilities agents?  Right now when they log in, they land in the IT ticketing side as staff members and have to switch to Facilities to work tickets.  I’d love to make their lives easier by taking them right to Facilities when they log in.  I don’t see a place to make that happen.

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Here’s how to do it:

  1. In Users Explorer, pull up the list of agents
  2. Select all the Facilities agents
  3. Click on Other / Set Initial Product
  4. Choose Facilities, click on Update Users


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@mcarrigan Thank you for submitting your question!

Once your facilities crew goes to the facilities module for the first time after logging in, it stays on that page. They will continue going straight to facilities if they stay in that module when closing out.

The suggestion you gave will also have the product set for them each time! I love there are always multiple ways to work within our program 😄