Delete attachments from tickets

  • 24 April 2024
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Maybe I’m overlooking it - but is there really not a way to delete an attachment from a ticket? I would think as an admin I could do this. I know we can remove them from comments, but a user uploaded the wrong attachment to their ticket when they submitted it, and it contains sensitive/PII material that needs to be removed.

3 replies

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I feel like I could do this with the API if I had to as a temporary solution, but since the old documentation containing ALL of the API endpoints and methods has gone away, I don’t have anything to reference. The new documentation doesn’t contain anything covering files.

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Yeah I can see that one as being an issue, In this case if I had an admin submit a ticket with an attachment that needed to be removed I would delete it but even then the attachment persists with IIQ. Also if the ticket submitter cancels the ticket the attachment stays.

Think this should have an option for the submitter as well as IIQ admin at least to delete / modify the attachment.  

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@jclark Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 I see you have already submitted your idea request here: