Differences in ticket submission behavior – bug or intentional?

  • 22 April 2024
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I’ve found a behavior with iiQ ticketing + assets that I did not expect today and it’s causing some issues.


The setup:

Our district uses “role” based conditions to limit visibility of certain custom fields.

For example, when an agent starts a new a hardware ticket, they can mark if the device has physical damage. This is not a custom field that we want visible to the end user / asset owner, so we limit it to only being visible to agents and iiQ administrators.

The “roles” condition in Custom Fields allows you to set the visibility of custom fields.


What works:

As expected, if an agent starts a new ticket via their Dashboard or left-hand nav, they see the custom fields specific to their role:


What doesn’t:

But if an agent starts a new ticket via the Asset Details page, the custom fields are no longer visible:


Why this is happening:

I figured out that there is difference in the ticket submission behavior, depending on where the new ticket is generated from:

  • If an agent starts a new ticket from their Dashboard or left-hand nav, the Ticket Wizard sets the agent as the requestor
  • If an agent starts a new ticket from from the asset’s “Asset Details” page, the Ticket Wizard sets the asset’s owner as the requestor, until the ticket is actually submitted


Since the “role” condition on custom fields is looking for the requestor to be an agent, a non-agent (i.e. most asset owners) wouldn’t see them.


tl;dr: If an agent starts a new ticket via the Asset Details page, the Ticket Wizard presents its options as if the requestor were the asset’s owner — which may impact the visibility of role-based custom fields during the ticket submission process.

So, is this expected behavior, or a bug? While I actually like that submission of the ticket via the Asset Details screen automatically submits on behalf of the asset owner (I kind of wish that happened across the board), I don’t like that it strips out the custom fields intended for the agent to see. Thoughts?


4 replies

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By the way, when I refer to starting a ticket from the Asset Details page, I’m talking about this guy:


Some of our agents prefer to start tickets via Asset Explorer instead of their Dashboard because doing so automatically submits the ticket on behalf of the owner 👏🏻

Creating new tickets via the Dashboard/left-hand nav doesn’t do this, unfortunately — requiring the agent to remember to make that change once the ticket is submitted.

The downside, obviously, is that we just realized submitting via the Asset Details page hides role-based custom fields in the process.

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@zige Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

I understand your frustration with this, especially as the unified portal and permissions updates continue to be enhanced and changed. This is functioning as intended since the custom fields are not available to those users whom the agents are submitting on behalf of the staff member. To adjust this function, please submit it to our Idea Exchange.

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Hi, @Kathryn Carter. You mention:

This is functioning as intended since the custom fields are not available to those users whom the agents are submitting on behalf of the staff member.


Yes, I understand that much. The part I’m trying to get clarification on is this:

Is it intended behavior that tickets created via the Asset Details page will be submitted on behalf of the owner assigned to the asset?

If so, then why is that functionality different than tickets submitted via the agent’s Dashboard or left-hand navigation?

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@zige That is a great question! I believe this is because of the hard coded logic of how it looks at who is submitting the ticket. This would be a great item for our Idea Exchange.