Display knowledgebase article during ticket entry

  • 9 January 2023
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Is it possible to provide a user with a knowledgebase article that could resolve their problem before they submit a ticket? If they can fix it themselves, this might stop unauthorized tickets from being entered. Though I could be wrong, I seem to remember that the pre-entry prompt was anticipated during our onboarding.

Currently, after a ticket has been entered, if a problem matches a knowledgebase article, a link to the article is displayed at the bottom of the page. This is only visible if you scroll down, but I'm assuming that it depends on the zoom level of your browser. At the very least could that post-entry link be moved up higher on the page so it is accessible if a pre-entry prompt is not possible?

2 replies

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I’m with you!!! There isn’t a way to do that, yet. They requestor has to click ‘submit’ in the ticket to get that feedback from IIQ. The closest I got to that solution was to create a rule to email the KB and close the ticket. That helped close out tickets, but the user-experience isn’t the best, as it can look like the rule just closed the ticket without any action if they don’t see the KB link.


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Thanks @bbeaudette for jumping in 😄 Keep a look out on the thread above for updates!