Escalation processes

  • 17 August 2023
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Wondering how other groups that are using iIQ in a Tier support model handle escalation.


What rule or statuses might you be using that prevent Tier 1 from escalating to Tier3 without going through Tier2?

4 replies

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@CLee 1176405 shakopee Thank you for submitting your question to our Community!

I’m just replying here to see if anyone uses a tier model for support. 😄 I am thinking of a workflow that would require custom statuses but I want to see if anyone else has ideas, first.

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I think custom statuses seems like it would make sense to me too -- I don’t have a need for this due to my team size, but my initial thoughts would be something like:

  • create a “Escalate” custom ticket status
  • Make sure you are using a Team / SLA tagged to the ticket

Now do the following -- Use a custom ticket rule that uses the following criteria 

Create a ticket rule in the rule engine that states something along the lines of:

  • if a ticket is updated to status: escalate 
  • team/sla is: (team working ticket) -- this allows you to build a escalation rule for different teams
  • update agent / team to: (escalation team / user) -- you could setup the assign to round robin or most available on the team
  • change ticket status to: in progress // or keep on escalate until the next person update it.
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That is kind of direction leaning towards.

Glad to see process makes sense outside my head.

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Thank you for sharing @bushwhack 😄