Exclude ticket from balance formula?

  • 4 October 2023
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Wondering if a way to exclude tickets based on something (issue type / status) from agent ticket count?


Part of our work flow for de-provisioning staff/students is return of district device.  If device isn’t returned it is marked in a lost/missing state while agent works with respective team (HR/School Office staff).  Due to nature of ticket it could sit in agent queue for up to 3-4 wks. As result some agents appear to have a large ticket load when they really don’t/


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3 replies

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@CLee 1176405 shakopee 

I would suggest creating a custom view and exclude those Issue Type or Status from that view. 


So you can create a view with the filters:

  1. Tickets assigned to me
  2. Issue Type or Status (exclude)



@Hannah Bailey Not an issue of the agents feeling cluttered by tickets in their queue but system won’t assign ticket. 


Scenario: agent1 has 20 tickets (say 8 are Lost/Missing) and agent2 has 17 tickets (none are lost/missing). Instead of agent1 getting the next ticket it will go to agent2 as they have the lower active ticket count.

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@CLee 1176405 shakopee 

Thank you for providing that scenario. This would be an enhancement request to be able to add conditions based on the availability dynamic.