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We are looking for a way to apply to an existing ticket, a template ticket.  For example, a ticket is created for a Chromebook with a keyboard issue by a staff member for a student.  The Chromebook is under warranty, we want to apply to the ticket subtask to the ticket for order of operations in sending it to manufacture warranty, without having to manually add sub-tickets each time.  Another example would be a ticket is created for laptop that had liquid spill and after troubleshooting, we deem the device has reached its end of life, and would like to apply the template to the existing ticket, which will add subtask automatically to the ticket, of removing from Inventory Spreadsheet, Removal from our imaging program, removal from our directory, etc. Without having to add each subtask manually. 


Is there a way that already exist to do this, or what have others done to accomplish task similar to this?  Thanks 

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What about creating rules that are set to be triggered when you select an action like “Sending to Manufacturer for Warranty Repair” or “Device Replacement” and then automatically apply the subtasks you want to the ticket? 

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@alambaren Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

I like what you are thinking @TDeering 407bd83 chsd155! My mind immediately when to rules as well.

The key here would be to make sure you add your filters specifically. If it is just for Chromebooks assigned to students, add those filters so this rule will trigger for those specific instances. 

Then, for your actions, you can create a subticket using a ticket template that will populate the subticket with the ticket template information. You can also add additional subtasks if they are not in the ticket template.

This is a great way to utilize rules to your advantage. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 😄