Filter Tickets Based on Submitted By User

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What ticket filter option can I utilize to filter my ticket view by the user that submitted a ticket instead of the on behalf user that I get when I attempt to utilize the requestor filter?


Best answer by Jessica Adkins 23 May 2022, 16:02

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@akolar there isn’t a way to filter by the user that submitted the ticket, but you can show both columns in any custom view by using the ‘Requested By’ and/or ‘Requested For’ Columns: 



Adding the Requested By will just help with looking through a view, but it doesn’t help when looking at a user and finding a ticket they requested on behalf of another user. 

I would love if there was a Tickets Requested by user when I bring up a user.  This is where we usually look when trying to find a ticket that we know a teacher submitted, but that doesn’t help because those tickets aren’t under the user as requested for. 

Additionally, it would help with not making it too long to look through the ability to compress the requested for and/or the requested by sections if you added it to a user.