Followers list/click takes too long to load

  • 12 June 2024
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The Add Followers function/dropdown is slow to load. 😕
Anybody else have this issue?



Best answer by Kathryn Carter 13 June 2024, 20:17

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3 replies

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Badge +13 Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 I was unable to replicate the slowness that you experienced. If this still persists, please submit a ticket to support. 


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@Kathryn Carter What method are you using to try to replicate?  I’ve surveyed our Tech Dept, and the results are in.  It is problem for our staff.

I’ve submitted a ticket.  But I thought I’d try to help you replicate so you can see what I’m talking about.


Adding Followers on a ticket
Has anybody ever noticed that adding Followers drop down can be slow to load?
But does it seem like it has improved recently?

Only every time I do it. :wink:

Seriously, would like feedback from this thread to be something I can hand over to iiQ. I started a ticket with them about it.

I was being serious. It is always slow to add a follower unless you add an external follower where there is no drop-down list.

Many of the drop down lists are slow to load.

Another thing that is weird. If I search for a name like Alexis Smith, I will get just about every name that begins or ends with Alexis or Smith in addition to the one I really want, Alexis Smith

Yes - it bugs me every time I have to do it, and have to double check myself, I've lived with it as I'm not in and out of tickets all the time, I don't think it's improved.

and what T says the search is weird


For adding emails to tickets, it looks like they are running a query every single time you enter a letter with a small timeout. Can't tell if they're pre-caching anything, doesn't seem terribly efficient.


DL my thoughts as well. Frustrating.

Seeing it in real time like from DevTools makes it seem even worse. Yes, adding a follower (or searching for a name in any of their dropdown lists) is agonizingly slow. I think Danielle's video would be great to forward to them.

It does have a lag on my end when trying to add followers to tickets.

Yes I agree, adding a follower is always really slow to load.

Same occurrence on my end when trying to add followers feels like I'm on 56kb/s dial up when loading results.

Yes, the dropdown load hangs for me, sometimes for even a few seconds.

Its been a bit slow since I've started using it. However now that I'm focusing on the drop down I feel its going slower than usual although it could be my pattern recognition bias.

there is a bit of a delay. small. but can hang as it loads up when clicking the dropdown.

Yes, it's slow, also I noticed the "confirm issue" button loads slow as well.


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Badge +13 Thank you for this. Could you provide me with an example user’s email?