How can subtickets be automatically assigned a "Requested on behalf of..." attribute?

  • 13 September 2023
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Hello all! I am a Systems Administrator for a K12 district and need some help troubleshooting a process. I will lay out the issue below:

We need a process that looks like this”

  1. Student breaks their assigned device and brings it to our Librarian (this person is an IIQ Agent)
  2. Librarian creates a tech request ticket that is requested on behalf of the student to get the Chromebook repaired (example: broken screen needing replacement)
  3. The moment he/she creates that ticket on behalf of that student for that asset, a subticket should be generated from a template called “Repair Loaners”
  4. This subticket should be tied to its parent and share its “requested by” and “requested on behalf of” attributes WITH the parent ticket. That is to say, both the original repair ticket AND the loaner ticket should have the Librarian as the requestor and the student as the person that the ticket is being requested on behalf of
  5. The Librarian is the AGENT on the subticket as well as the requestor, while within the parent ticket a IT Technician would pick it up as an agent. The parent repair ticket would be unclosable until the Librarian receives the spare BACK from the student. Once they close the Loaner subticket, that subticket would resolve and allow the technician to resolve the whole parent ticket. 

While this sounds rather convoluted, it would greatly simplify our world here by preventing our users from needing to create two totally SEPARATE tickets for the repair and the loaner respectively. 

Just to field a question that I know I will get, we are already using the Spare Pools integration. The “Loaner subticket” in the above hypothetical would be using the Spare Pools system. The reason we won’t use the spare pools integration on the repair tickets is because then by performing the ACTION of issuing a spare, the Librarian becomes the AGENT on that ticket...which is wrong. The repair technicians should be the agent on the repair tickets. 

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@TSell 327b176 capital I appreciate your patience in waiting for a reply. I have been testing out different workflows for you. First, I would create a rule that assigns that issue ticket to the “repair team.” Second, I would ensure the custom fields can be written across parent and subtickets. I love this workflow!