How can we search ticket contents?

  • 19 January 2024
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In our previous ticket system we had the ability to search the contents/body of a ticket for a word.  For example if I was trying to find a ticket that was sent in months ago regarding a student with name John Doe, and I didn’t know who submitted the ticket.  I have tried looking at all closed tickets and searching, but it only gives me tickets, assets, or users.  There is no way to reference past tickets with a certain subject, name, etc within the ticket notes…


Thanks Randy



Best answer by Kathryn Carter 22 January 2024, 16:08

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Hi Randy,


I’m not sure how you are searching but when I am trying to find a ticket with just a keyword or name of something, I go to Search and put my students name in, make sure the tab is on tickets and not users.

Then click on Show Quick Filters. Then Filter ticket by: Keyword search will come up. Click on that. It should then open up an All tickets window where there will be a tab stating Ticket State. Click on that and when the window opens up, choose Select All at the top and save selection.

Anything with the keywords you put in should populate a ticket.

Hope this helps!


That seemed to work, thanks.  What was happening is I would have Ticket selected, but then it would jump over to Users automatically.  You have to go back up and tick Tickets again it appears.  I guess it gives me what I want.  :)


Thanks, Randy

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@RPorter 79778d9 norwalkschools Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

Here is one of our enhancements that will help with this: 

@MBesnier Thank you for adding that workflow to use now! 😄

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My pleasure :)