How do I move tickets into facilities?

  • 26 January 2022
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What is the easiest way tickets can be moved from ticketing to facilities?


Best answer by Jessica Adkins 26 January 2022, 22:12

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4 replies

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To automatically route specific tickets to facilities use the Rules Engine. Set up a new rule using a ticket issue as a condition, such as Move/Remove Equipment or Equipment Repair. Then add the action Set Product to facilities.  As long as the rule is set to Active, anytime a ticket for that issue gets submitted, it will automatically go to facilities. 



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Another way is to create a shortcut and use that shortcut when working the ticket. 

Create the shortcut and add the action Set Product to Facilities. Here is the help guide for creating and applying shortcuts to tickets. 


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It would be nice if this feature was listed in the “More” dropdown as an option.  Can we get make this happen?  Thanks!



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@mfischer This is a great idea for our Idea Exchange!

I know a workaround would be to do this via shortcut as Hannah added above 😄