how do you know when a ticket has been updated with user notes

  • 23 February 2023
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in IIQ is there a setting so that I know when a ticket has been updated with notes from the end user? Something like a highlight or something that makes the ticket stand out so I know by just glancing that a ticket has been updated with notes? So far I have to go in the ticket to look to see if they provided notes that I requested. 

2 replies

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Just a thought... Could you create a rule to change the status to "commented added" when a reply has been made?

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@DLikiardopoulos 22023df ocsit Thank you for submitting your question! There are multiple ways to do this!

One way is to have the “When updated field / comment” change the ticket status to a custom status or the next stage in your workflow. 

 Another way would be to have the same “When updated field / comment” to email the assigned agent when the requestor submits the ticket. 

I hope this helps 😄