How to create/edit Ticket Workflow

  • 19 July 2022
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Under ‘Administration > Ticket Statuses’, when I create a new Status, there are options to select Workflow and Workflow Stage. How do I edit the Workflow and Stages of the Workflow? The only workflow in the list is ‘Technology - Default Workflow’, and it’s a searchable list… so I’m assuming more can be added.


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9 replies

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I’d also like to ask how to create the Workflow Stage since I’m guessing for rules it will need to be different from the preset stages.

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I’m not sure about the stages, but i’m pretty sure that the workflow itself refers to whichever product you are currently using, so if you have the HRSD system the workflow would say HRSD, same with facilities or technology 

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Hey @luke.r Thank you for your question!

Thank you for your patience for me getting to you. I had to get some assistance on answering your question but currently the only workflow in the system is "Technology - Default Workflow". You cannot create your own either at this time. If this it for Ticketing, it will stay at the Technology - Default. 

If you are interested in creating your own workflows in the future, you should submit your idea into our idea exchange! I included the link below. 



Hi @Kathryn Carter, I am following up on this as I have the same question. But I think clarification is needed. We are asking how to add a Workflow STAGE, not a Workflow. 

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@ANapoliello 9973cc1 roxbury Looks like the Workflow stages are hard coded. 

You could add this to our Idea Exchange:

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@Kathryn Carter So, just curious, what do Workflow Stages do? Why does a Ticket Status need to be associated with a Workflow Stage at all? 🤔

My guess is that each hard coded Workflow Stage corresponds to a particular behavior associated with the ticket. In other words, districts can create a Ticket Status and call it literally whatever they want, but it needs to be associated with a Workflow Stage so that iiQ knows what behavior to enact on the ticket.

If that’s the case, can we get an explanation of what behavior each Workflow Stage does?

Like, if I create a Ticket Status called “Cooking Dinner” and associate it with the Workflow Stage “On Hold”, how would that behavior differ from if I associated it with the Workflow Stage “DOE Will Relieve”? What do each of those Workflow Stages do?

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@zige Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

What are you trying to accomplish, or is this just out of curiosity? 

For the ticket workflow stages, it tells iiQ what to do on the back end. For example, you can have multiple statuses within the “in-progress” workflow stage. Each stage has buttons and functions, and this tells us what options to give you. 

Per your example. “on hold” will remove any SLAs towards that ticket because you are holding it, versus “in progress,” which will trigger those SLAs to follow the agent. This is just one example. I hope this makes sense and is helpful. 

I want to be able to see the ticket with some kind of rule that says Needs more info, setting the status to the same thing and allowing the user to be notified we are waiting on them and need more information, this would set the status as need more Info and turn on the SLA, something a little more deliberate than waiting on requestor. 

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@JGatta 680e2a3 concord Have you checked out our Stale Rules? I know there are a few posts about this. These are when a ticket sits untouched over a specified time. You can send an email reminder to the staff.