How to Prevent students from canceling a ticket

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We have a situation where we have students going in and canceling their ticket when it still has a balance outstanding.  

Naturally we do not wish them to be able to forgive their own debt, it teaches a bad life lesson. 

How do we prevent students from being able to cancel their ticket, or a least specific tickets?

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@Patrick Williams Thank you for submitting your question!

I created this rule that when the ticket is canceled by a student with a balance greater than 0. It will update the status, add a tag (so you know they tried to delete it) and send an email alert! 

Let me know if this works for you! 😄

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Our students permission doesn’t allow them to login to IIQ, can they cancel a ticket any other way?


Rule makes sense, I put it in our system just in case. Thanks!

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@akorkishko They cannot cancel a ticket via email; they can only reply. If you do not allow them access iiQ, I think you should be safe!