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I recently created a custom information field (see image) and added it to a ticket type, but the field is placed lower on the ticket submission page.  I’m wondering how I can get the information field placed above the “Describe your issue” box.  I’d appreciate any help you guys might be able to offer up.





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There’s currently not a way to do that. The “Describe your issue” section is built-in for all tickets, anything you add will go below it.


Thank you for the quick reply, @jclark.  I was afraid that was the case, but hoping it was not.  I’d be nice to be able to post some sort of informational message and/or instructions above initial text box, before people start filling in information.  Maybe this will change in the future with an update. 🤞

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@RCoffey Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

There is not a way to add that custom field at the very top unless it is a confirmation message. This custom field would not allow them to fill anything out, but rather give instruction. 

This would be an enhancement request you can submit here:

Thanks @jclark for the answer!