Is there a filter for other agents as follower?

  • 16 November 2022
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As a people manager, I’m try to find ways to support and provide targeted feedback to me team. Is there a way to filter tickets, create rules, or fire surveys based on the criteria of ‘X’ user or agent is a follower? I know I can create a filter for these things where I am a follower, but I’m falling short in finding a solution for these other scenarios.


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4 replies

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@lgladman Thank you for submitting your question. 

Currently there is not a way to pull tickets that others are following, only tickets you are following. I would suggest submitting this into our Idea Exchange:

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This idea was submitted from this thread: 


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@lgladman - What kind of view are you wanting to create? To see all the tickets that are assigned to a specific agent? 

If you are an admin you are able to see all tickets. You have the ability to filter by user filters: 


You do have the ability to send surveys out to gather feedback as well. You will apply these surveys with the rules engine and can add different filters to apply these surveys. 



This desire initially came up when I was asked if we could send out a survey for any tickets that had ‘X’ agent as a follower. This would allow us to send out surveys for tickets that were escalated to a specific individual, but weren’t necessarily closed by that individual.

This is a very specific circumstance. It isn’t necessary. It’s really like an extra 5-10% kinda of thing, but the thought was intriguing enough that we wanted to pursue it.