Is there a way to have multiple keywords in the rules engine from email?

  • 17 February 2023
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So we are working on setting up where someone can email to create a ticket and are wanting to implement a rule to assign to a team/person based on subject or body keywords. Is there a way to add more than one word in a single rule or do I have to keep writing OR statements?




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8 replies

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I don’t see where to edit my previous entry, but I guess the better question or a reword would be how can I get it to recognize a space character?

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@DRumpf 570102a apsb Thank you for submitting your question. 

Currently, it would be best if you kept writing OR statements. Here is a guide to help with some advanced keyword integration. 

I know many of our community members have been submitting idea about email to ticket creation. 

@jax @cris.ward Do y’all have any advice for @DRumpf 570102a apsb ??

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I feel that I could automate it if I could figure out the API commands, but that’s more on me. I am far enough to be able to see what page that I need, I just need to figure out what I would need with the POST commands.

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I’m trying to configure something right now in the From Email, using Contains%phrase%, but I also need to exclude Contains %phrasebutwith1moreletter% and I can only do 1 or the other, not both. Is it not possible to do multiple Body filters in the same rule? I need something that can match to an example phrase of TEA, but exclude that match if it is STEA.

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If I wasnt going to make it a separate rule, I would put the exclusion before the contains word as in 

exclude  ?TEA


contains TEA


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@DRumpf 570102a apsb 

Was that working for you? I am interested to see what y’all find!

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For mine, I ended up using multiple OR statements. I found that if i add more than nine in one rule, they vanish and i never thought to test it out to see if it it would even with it missing, so I try to do them in groups of 7-9. Luckily, I only had about 32 so I only needed 4 for subject and 4 for body

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@DRumpf 570102a apsb Thank you for sharing!