Is there any type of decision tree for users/support staff?

  • 9 November 2022
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The list of issues for can sometimes be difficult for a novice to navigate.

Does iiQ or any partners have an interactive decision tree entry point for tickets/issues?  Something that is a bit more intuitive.

1 reply

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Each district will have its own workflow for submitting tickets because they can create their own issue categories and issues. Or hide the existing issues. 

Process of submitting a ticket

Step 1. Ticket Types 

Step 2. Select Device or Software (only if they selected Device/hardware or Software on step 1)

Step 3. Issue Categories

Step 4. Issues

Step 5. Ticket Details 


All issue categories and issues can be configured to meet your user's needs. I do see some districts have an issue category with only one issue. This way when a user selects the issue category it automatically selects that one issue and takes the user to the ticket details page. Bypassing one additional step.