Is there anyway to filter tickets by ones that have assets that were exhanged

  • 13 December 2023
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Hi there I was wondering if anyone has a way that we can filter tickets by what ones have had assets exchanged in them. I am trying to see how often specific technicians opt for an exchange vs doing a full repair.



4 replies

Disclaimer: This is an imperfect method that can have some false positives, will not catch everything, and is based on assumptions that you do things similarly. False positives can result from situations like when a device is repaired where the component with your identifier is replaced and/or a shim is necessary. Assumptions such as simply filtering tickets for a resolution action like “Replaced Equipment” is not a feasible option are being made.

Here is what works for me:
I created a new ticket view with the “Asset Owner” filter set up to only include assets that are currently unassigned. This view will then give you a quick view of any hardware tickets with devices that have been removed from circulation for one reason or another.

You can also add additional filters if you are interested in only tickets for a particular model, date range, or issue type. For example, I have the view set up to filter out any tickets where the issue type is giving out a loaner device as those resulted in a good number of false negatives.


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@JSpong 497afb0 wssd - Great question.


There is not a filter that you can apply that would pull all the assets that have been exchanged. But there are a couple of workarounds that I have seen other districts do. 


A couple of questions to see if we can find a better workaround

  1. When your agents do a repair - are they adding parts to the ticket?
  2. When your agents are exchanging the devices are they using Spare Pool or the exchange option?


Like @TDeering 407bd83 chsd155  mentioned above using resolution actions - for your Agents to add a resolution action that says “exchange device” and then you are able to pull a report from that resolution action. 


Another way is using custom ticket statuses “resolved - repaired device” or “resolved - exchange device”. Then again you are able to pull a report based on those ticket statuses. 


Another idea is using Tags.



I can certainly agree with the suggestions @Hannah Bailey provided as workarounds. I am working with our team to develop good habits around documenting their work and those workarounds are definitely part of the good habits I’d like to reinforce. Having the team members put in a resolution action (i.e. replaced device, replaced parts, powerwashed device, etc.), and parts when applicable, in the ticket would be preferable for our district. Those can be pulled into reports.

The suggestion I provided above was a way to identify tickets where a device had been swapped and the only documentation in the ticket, if any, was a comment stating the device would be replaced.

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Thanks for adding that next level of feedback @TDeering 407bd83 chsd155 😄