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Hello! I’ve been consolidating a bunch of disparate Google Forms into IIQ thanks to custom fields. I have one in particular, though, where I want to limit visibility solely to principals. I don’t yet see a way to add custom roles in IIQ, and issue visibility toggles seem to hinge on that -- but, posing the question anyway: is there a way in IIQ to limit a particular issue to a subset of users beyond just the pre-defined roles?


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@EstonMelton at this time there is not a way to limit this, but we do have an idea within our Idea Exchange that you can upvote: 


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Would really like this as well.

Tickets/Issues aren’t the same across departments and even within a department.
Things like Staff or Faculty make no distinction between level of seniority, teaching credentials, HR, etc.

Without the ability to get more granular, the rule/automation capabilities of iiQ are severely limited, thereby requiring agents to validate data in other systems to be sure that requested actions are authorized.